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After much deliberation River City Rides has decided to pack up shop and move to a smaller location. A location big enough to support our core services all year without leaving wasted open space for most of the year.

We loved our King Street location but it is just way too big for us. We had big plans and spent months in negotiations for the future of our business before making the jump to such a large spot. Unfortunately we counted our chickens before they hatched. Our bad!

Now we know what we have to work with and exactly what we need to do that work. And that is exactly what we will be doing. An educated decision based on facts. A smaller shop that lets us keep doing what we always wanted to do. Run a small, local, independent motorcycle shop.

Don’t worry, very little is going to change for you, our customers, our friends, our family. Literally, the only thing changing is our address. Pretty easy huh?

Effective Monday May 1, 2017 River City Rides will be open for business at our new location, 1149 Fife St. Click here for directions.


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Ruler of all I survey. Organic pain collector racing toward oblivion. New award winning business ideas every night, forgotten before morning. Father of the Year and Best Dad Ever award winner for 11 straight years. And far too modest to brag. The ponytail and motorcycle affinity are for intimidation purposes only. Myles is a family man who loves his work, and then rides off on two wheels at the end of the day (providing the Winnipeg weather permits, and preferably into some kind of prairie sunset).

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