Mechanical Shop Rental

Motorcycle Shop RentalNeed a roof over your head while you tinker with your motorcycle? Need a mechanical shop rental in Winnipeg for an hour? Need a tool for a one time installation that makes no sense to buy? Need an experienced sounding board to bounce your ideas off of or to help with a tough install?

River City Rides has just the thing for you! For a nominal fee we will let you come in and use our large shop and borrow our tools. As long as you respect the work area and return what you borrow, then your welcome to come in and tinker for a while. If you need a hand while working, just ask.

Don’t know what your doing but want to? We will offer as much assistance as we can. We highly recommend signing up for our email newsletter and get the inside scoop on our Community Tech Nights held during the off season when we invite everyone back for information and training on how to keep your ride running.

Call us at 204-582-4727email us or drop by 1149 Fife for a fresh pot of coffee and to chat about the service you need done to keep your ride running.

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