Southern Scoot for a Scoop

Southern Scoot for a Scoop.Being a North Ender I frequently start my rides rolling up North of Winnipeg. Great things found in that direction, but honestly there are great things are found in all directions. Just need to get out and ride to find them. Got a few hours to kill? Go for a scoot and explore.

If you like ice cream and burgers (what biker doesn’t?) and feel like getting a little Southern exposure, you can head out to Carmen MB for lunch, dinner, or an evening snack, or grab some legendary grub in Headingly MB. The roads are nice and scenic for with a laid back ride with not too much traffic.

3 hours and a tank of gas will get you some great sights and great food. Do it. You know you want to do a Southern Scoot for a Scoop.

Leaving Winnipeg, head South West through Oak Bluff MB and ride along along Highway #3 heading toward Carman MB. Ride takes about an hour along this 2 lane blacktop. Lots to see along the way, not too much traffic to get in your way. When you get to Carman, I highly recommend stopping at Syl’s Drive Inn for something to eat. Can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but the ice cream is awesome so have yourself a scoop or two. Not hungry yet? Don’t worry a legendary stop will be found further along the route.

Rolling out of Carman (gas up if you got a peanut tank) head North for a little bit until you get to the historic Red Coat Trail. The Red Coat Trail is a nice ride (here is another route that uses it) but we won’t be on it too long. Take the route West heading back toward Winnipeg until you get to Highway #424 headed North (avoid the gold course, can’t fit clubs on a bike anyway). Take #424 for a bit and hang a right on to #241 East (Roblyn Boulevard). Along this route you will find Beaudry Provincial Park and Headingly MB. Both worth a visit.

Choose Wisely

Here is where you have a choice to make. To eat or not to eat. If you fill up at Syl’s then keep riding along Roblyn Boulevard and you will make it home. A great route to ride.

If you did not eat and want to, hang a left at #334 and cross the bridge going North. At the end of the road, on the left hand side, is VJ’s Drive Inn. This place is worth the stop every time. And it shows, the place is always busy. Grab yourself a table and enjoy. Better yet, grab a table with a complete stranger and enjoy it even more. When your done, take a walk to let it settle, then hit the Trans Canada Highway for a quick ride.

Google Map for detailed directions

pin_yellow From Winnipeg, MB along Highway #3 to Carman MB
83.4 km – about 1 hour 7 mins
pin_yellow Grab some grub from Syl’s Drive Inn or gas up and go out along Highway #13 North to Highway #2 (Historic Red Coat Trail)
20 km – about 13 mins
pin_yellow Go West my friend, ride along the Red Coat Trail until you hit Highway #424, then go North
40 km – about 33 mins
pin_yellow Take 424 up to #241 then hang a right and cruise through Beaudry Provincial Park. Enjoy the park. Trust me. Then keep rolling until you get to the bridge at Highway #334
12.3 km – about 20 mins
pin_yellow Take the short jaunt across the river along #334 and stop at the historic VJ’s for a bite to eat, if you have not already eaten. Then head out home along Highway #1 (Trans Canada)
15.6 km – about 18 mins
pin_yellow Welcome home!


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