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Cannonball 2016 – Manitoba Edition

Manitoba Cannonball Rides – 2016

The 2015 Cannonball Rides were a great success and this success is rolling over into 2016 with expanded ride options and more dealer checkpoints.

The Cannonball 1,000 mile ride will be a 2 day (36 hour) ride starting June 11th and ending on 12th, 2016. This ride route covers almost the entire southern half of Manitoba (and not so southern). The Cannonball 500 mile ride is on Sunday, June 12th, 2016 and will be riding the same route as the original 2015 route.

Nationally, the Cannonball 500 has 10 provinces now participating in these two new spring rides and it is now gearing up for the eastern provinces to take hold.

You must stop at each of the locations noted to grab a business card along the route. Keep these business cards from each dealership as they will be required to be shown upon your return. You can either run clockwise or counter clockwise but you must stop at every listed location regardless and return back to your original starting location within the time frame allotted.

Starting times are the same for all provinces, spring ride is between 7 AM – 8 AM. When you arrive check in and starting at 7 AM riders will be allowed to leave. You only have a 1 hour window to arrive and leave – DON’T BE LATE – you will not be allowed to go.  12 hours later for the 500 mile ride you must return back to the original location – you will have completed the loop by then – If you left at 7.01 AM you must arrive back that evening by 7.01 PM – If you do not make it for whatever reason, there is always next time :)

The newest edition to the ride mix is a 2 day – 1000 mile ride. Starting time will be 7 AM- 8AM Saturday June 11th and arrive back to your original starting location that night June 12th by 7 PM.  Assuming you leave right at 7 AM – You will have 36 Hours to complete and must follow the same rules as the 500 – pick up business cards along the way. You should be arriving back when all of the others are coming in from the 500. The purpose of this ride is to tackle some very serious riding.

As with all rides please do be very careful. You alone decide how fast and how aggressive you must be on these roads.

Cannonball 1,000 Manitoba – Ride Route

Manitoba-Cannonball 1000 June 11th, 12th, 2016 Ride

Please Note: Google, sometimes, changes routes on it’s own. We cannot control this. The image you see below is correct. PDF of the written route from here.

Cannonball 500 Manitoba – Ride Route

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.00.57 AM

Please Note: Google, sometimes, changes routes on it’s own. We cannot control this. The image you see below is correct. PDF of the written route from here.


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