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Back road RidingHighways are nice for getting where your going fast but I am rarely in a hurry to get anywhere when I am riding my motorcycle. Aside from the required daily commutes I generally ride to escape life and the obligations it brings. Get on and ride wherever it looks nice. Generally I love to do back road motorcycle riding between towns/gas stops to see what can be found. Usually it works out with some decent pavement and connecting roads to get me to my next destination but sometimes I end up on dirt roads with ruts so deep I bottom out. Not ideal for a cruiser rider like myself but still enjoyable.

Where you go is often dependant on where you are and how much time you have before life’s little obligations catch up to you. If your looking to escape for a couple of hours some evening I highly recommend exploring some off the beaten path roads just outside Winnipeg. Just long enough to burn a tank of gas. Best $10 you will ever spend on an evening out with your spouse.

Head out on the highway

Looking for adventure? Find it off the main highway. Gas up and take Highway 8 North out of the city, then hang a right to River Road (my personal favourite road) and right up to Lockport where you will cross the Red River via Highway 44 over to Highway 236 North. 236 takes you on a tree lined two lane blacktop along the East side of the Red River up to Selkirk. Watch for Deer in the evening, especially in Spring or Fall.

When you cross the bridge into Selkirk, go South on Main Street to get out of town. Selkirk is cool and all, but this is a ride, not a visit. Just after you leave Selkirk take a right onto Highway #9 just up until you get to McPhillips Road (first turn off). Take a short rip down the road until you get to Highway 67 where you will start heading East toward Stonewall.

Highway 67

It’s a classic. I love seeing what I can find along the side of the road. Sometimes, I like it so much I circle back, get off my motorcycle and explore. I am not suggesting jumping fences and trespassing on private property and I am not suggesting you storm the gates of a secure hidden government facility. But to each his own. Enjoy the sites along the way, take a picture with your mind or pull over and take a picture with your camera.

Continue riding along Highway 67, crossing Highway 8 and then Highway 7 until you get to Stonewall. Stonewall has more than one cool place to visit along with some great ice cream. But we are not here for the ice cream (but do come back for it). When you role into the centre of town hang a left onto Highway 236 South, back towards Winnipeg. Another 2 lane blacktop gem that ends at a really cool little gas station. Turn left and head for the perimeter (Highway 101).


The sun is going down, time to head for home…the long way. Rip it down the perimeter until you get to Roblyn Boulevard where you will come back into the city. Shoot on over to Assiniboine Park and slow it down for a nice cruise through it. In summer there is ALWAYS something good going down in this park. So you can end your ride here enjoying the Theatre int he Park or roll on out and head for home. either way this is one great way to spend an evening.

About 2 hours and 130km of relaxed riding. Google map directions can be found here.

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