Great Manitoba Motorcycle Events Coming Up

May has been a decent month so far for getting on your motorcycle and riding but as it comes to a close we are really ramping up to local motorcycle events. Charity rides, events and distance rides. Next few weeks are going to be awesome!
Manitoba Ride for Dad 2017
We have been a supporter fo Ride for Dad since it’s inception and have been riding as team River City Rides since 2014. Cancer Sucks, and RFD is a great way to help in the fight.
Join the Ride for Dad on Saturday May 27. If you want to roll out as part of our team, sign up here and meet us at our shop (1149 Fife) for 8am on Saturday.
River City Rides very first Ride for Dad team in 2014.
16th Annual Breast Cancer Pledge Ride is Sunday June 4 and River City Rides has a team for this one as well. The ladies need as much support as the men in fighting cancer. Join our team or just show up and join the ride. A great cause and these people really know how to put on an event.
Know as the Trucking Event of the Year in Western Canada The Canadian Trucking Show w TRUCKS ~ BIKES ~ CARS, @ Red River Exhibition Park,  Saturday June 3rd 2017, Show starts at 10:00am on Saturday. Event held by Canadian Trucking Magazine with the Help of the Tri-Service Military Association of Canada.
Next series of rides are June 6-10 (2500) June 10-11 ( 500 / 1000 ) 2017.
You will choose from 500 Miles, 1000 Miles and a NEW RIDE 2500 Miles!

Cannonball Rides offers a series of motorcycle journeys across every province within Canada. These rides are one or two day adventures designed to take through some of the best roads each province has to offer. These rides are not easy, they require great stamina to finish. Proper planning and consistent speed are required to complete any of these rides. Stop by River City Rides to pre-register today!

Important: You are on your own, you decide when and where you start. You must finish where you started  to complete the loop within the given time. We assume no liability whatsoever before, during or after the ride. All riders must pre-register prior to starting at their location at 9 AM Saturday for any of the rides. Dealers / Businesses will be collecting your $5 for your patch at that time. You must stop at all Business Named locations marked on all ride maps chosen and collect their business card. If there are no cards take a picture of yourself in front of door for verification. Fill your tank when you return – keep receipt. 


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Ruler of all I survey. Organic pain collector racing toward oblivion. New award winning business ideas every night, forgotten before morning. Father of the Year and Best Dad Ever award winner for 11 straight years. And far too modest to brag. The ponytail and motorcycle affinity are for intimidation purposes only. Myles is a family man who loves his work, and then rides off on two wheels at the end of the day (providing the Winnipeg weather permits, and preferably into some kind of prairie sunset).

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